CRA Workforce dilemma

Our team believes that in order to minimize the risk of variance in research conduct quality it is necessary to prioritize workforce development and the standardization of competence and career paths. While it is true that excellent technological solutions are being developed through initiatives of various kinds, our team is focusing on standardizing and enhancing […]

Emphasis on Competence to Address Clinical Research Monitor Shortage

Several years ago there was much talk about the talent gap affecting entry-level clinical research positions with the biopharmaceutical industry. Stakeholders within the industry with a vested interest in the clinical research associate (CRA) shortage helped address the gap using joint task forces who raised awareness of the issue. They also highlighted the industry’s expectation […]

Importance of the Human Aspect in Resolving Consent Matters

There is an ongoing need for the clinical research enterprise to address the challenges raised in relation to eConsent, genomics, vulnerable populations, and other aspects of the business. As things evolve, everyone involved needs to have a clear understanding of what’s involved and how to give (or deny) their informed consent. However, it still requires […]